VSL Versus Long Form

Alright… today we’re probably gonna stir up a little controversy.

I want to talk to you specifically about how you can use a VSL or whether you should use a VSL in exchange for long-form sales copy.

I get asked all the time about when do I use a VSL and when do I actually use long-form sales copy? Why do I use one or the other?

Short answer? It depends.

As marketers, the best thing that we can do is just be scientists. We're scientists, and we're just testing. Everything is an experiment in what we do, and if your audience has the time and attention to be able to sit down for say, 15, 20, 30 minutes or even a couple hours on a webinar or even a VSL presentation, great. Then that might actually be the best situation for you.

However, other times, you don't have an audience that really wants to sit down and watch. They want to just read all the way through, at that point, you just do a long-form sales letter.

You can also do the hybrid as well, which would be the third variation to test, where you do a shortened version of your VSL on the top of the page that's sitting on top of a long-form sales letter.

I know that sounds like I’m not actually answering the question but there’s a very good reason.

It all comes down to finding the sweet spot for YOUR audience. And the only way to truly figure it out is… testing, testing, testing.

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If you write the VSL the right way, it's usually going to outperform a long-form sales letter. That’s what I've seen, especially when it comes to the health and fitness industry. VSL’s usually outperform. But you can’t just assume.

A lot of it has to do with the topic and conversation at hand. If you look at fitness, you're going to have a video-centric or video-oriented type of instruction. It just makes sense, right? If you have health, health also works very well because a lot of times the information that's being provided in the health industry is much easier to articulate with video examples to go along with the copy that you have.

If your topic of conversation or the thing that you're actually selling or discussing is not something that's going to require a lot of instruction or a lot of explaining, and you can, on its face, really get it, then just a text-based informational sales letter might actually outperform a video because you don't need to spend 45 minutes to get them to fall in love with you or get them to understand your product and then finally sell them.

Again, just to kind of summarize, when do you use a VSL versus a long-form sales letter?

When the VSL outperforms the long-form sales letter. That's it.

We have to be scientists and have to be good marketers and not just assume or go by preference.

I absolutely 100% recommend that you do both. The great thing about it is that, if you want to start with a VSL, you can create the copy for the VSL and then modify it for the long-form. That way, you have a VSL, and then you can use that text as a guiding post for you to create that long-form sales letter, and then you can test both of them and see which one performs better.

Okay, so that is my two cents on that. I know that doesn't answer your question directly, but just understand that it is just something where your audience might prefer it.

It might not even actually be a bad idea to ask them, "What do you prefer? Do you prefer to read blogs, or do you actually prefer to watch videos?" You can test that out on your blog or just on your community itself.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading!

I actually have a gift for you, just for sitting here and reading this entire post.

It's our Million Person Checklist. 

What we've done is put together this really cool checklist that we use to actually say “yes” or “no” on all of our tools. 

Whenever we build a new lead tool, whenever actually we put out a new page, whenever we put a new lead generation funnel together, we go through this checklist to make sure: Is the headline on point? Is our Call To Action good? Is our page layout good? Is it on its face a great asset? And if it's ready to publish or not. You can grab that checklist just below. We got a link just below this post.

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to know if you have any insight into what you've done and actually what you've found that has worked better, either VSL or long-form.

Thank you again. 

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