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It’s “sneaky email tricks and tips” on tap for today!

I think you're going to absolutely love this, but what it's going to do, it's going to protect your account's credibility with your email service provider.

So, as we all know, we're going to send emails and we're going to get called spammers. It’s just the way it is.

We're going to get complaints, we're going to get unsubscribes.

It's the nature of the game. I believe, personally, that when someone unsubscribes from your list, they're saying, "No, thank you. I'm done, it's okay, I don't want anymore." It's not something to get emotional about. It's not actually a bad thing.

You have to take into consideration too that they're doing you a service here by actually getting off your list because in the future, if they'd just said, "Nah, I'm just never going to open it again" that actually hurts your email deliverability.

And in turn, your email service provider, whether you're using Infusionsoft, whether you're using Maropost, whether you're using Ontraport, Active Campaign, and the list goes on, every time that happens... If you are somebody in their account and their fleet and their massive customer or client group that they have of everybody using their service, if you have a 5% open rate and a 1% click through, clearly you're not on their top priority list to help you.

Here’s what I'm saying...

To protect you, and to protect the sanctity of your open rates and your click through, we have a tactic and trick that I just discovered. It was from a good guy named David Favor and it is absolutely brilliant and we're implementing this now.

Imagine there's a script that you put into every single one of your emails.

At the top of the email when they first open up it says,  "Mark for spam, click here. Mark this message as spam, click here." And any variation of the like.

Wait WHAT?

I know you’re thinking, "Why would you ever want to put that in there? Why would you want to bring that out?"

The reality is…  I want the people who want to mark it as spam off my list.

And so if they're going to mark it as spam, that line, that custom script, what it does is that it's a custom script that immediately alerts your email provider list.

Say you're using Active Campaign. It doesn't tell Active Campaign specifically to get off, that it was a complaint.

It's our own internal system that recognizes that person just marked you as spam...

And it bypasses the provider, it does not tell Active Campaign that there was a complaint or that there was an unsubscribe. We automatically unsubscribe on their behalf. Basically just unsubscribe that lead right from the list.

We move them into another list and now everybody who actually enjoys your emails, they're never going to click that because they don't believe it to be spam.

Why is this so vitally important? Simple.

It protects your reputation, it protects your account, you never get any message from Active Campaign about...

"Oh, well, we see that your open rates are low.”

“We see that your complaints are high."

"We see that your spam rate is high."

We are just doing it all on our own, outside of the service provider, and nobody's going to scroll down and go to unsubscribe or go to complain at the bottom of the email that's all really hidden where they would have to go normally, they just take it right at the top and that is the trick.

That is the way by which you protect yourself so your open rates are consistently high, so your click throughs are consistently high, because you're only mailing to the people that actually want to hear from you and want to see your content.

If you're interested in this script and how it actually works and how the whole thing is put together, there’s a link right below this post. Hit us up and we can talk with you further about how to implement this script.

Also, for reading this post I have a little parting gift for you today.

It's our Million Person Checklist If you're interested in building a list so you can actually implement this type of script or build a list properly so you can actually get the right individuals, target the right audience, build that seven figure list that we know you deserve and should have, then go ahead and click the other link below this post.

It's a full on cheat sheet. It's amazing. It's all the tips and tactics that we've learned over the years, from headlines to call to actions, you name it, it's all there. It's what we use whenever we build a new tool and we laid it out beautifully for you so you can implement today.

So thank you so much for reading this post!

Hope you have a great day and I can't wait to see what you think of some of the other posts and videos as well. All the links are on the side and just below.

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