How Your Leads Can Be Worth a Dollar

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can transform your leads to be worth a full dollar per month. 

That’s right. In our professional opinion every name on your list should be bringing you an average value of $1 per month.

One  thing you're gonna need to do is have an ongoing set of communications already lined up for at least 90 days.

Your communication needs to be something that's very on point, that's going to be very relevant, but also needs to be something that changes the game.

I’ve seen people get really stuck here because they think...  "Well, what do I need to offer them? What do I need to give them? I don't know what to do."

The honest truth is that you just need to be able to give them stuff that they care about and also give them offers that essentially come back to you.

Any offer, yours or an affiliate offer that will resonate with your list and put money in your pocket is fair game. For example:

Say you have a 10,000 person list.

Let’s also say that they're fantastic at opening your emails and the engagement is super high and you get, an approximate 20% open rate and a 20% click through, just a standard 20/20 rule.

In order for you to get those numbers where they're at the 20/20 mark, you're going to need to consistently give them great emails, whether this is content that is educational or that is sales worthy, but at the same time… leave room to mix it up.

I’ll explain…

Usually what we'll do is we'll create about a three to one ratio of content to sales, but we're regularly messaging them every week.

And if you feel comfortable and if it works with your list dynamic, I highly suggest mailing every day or at least every other day with things you know will resonate with them and they’ll care about.

Now, I know you're probably thinking, "Well, that's a lot. I don't wanna hit them up. That's just too much. I'm gonna bug them."

Believe it or not, statistics say that’s wrong.

What we've found is that the average amount or the best amount to actually convert the list is 1.3 to 1.4 times per day.

Now, I want you to understand something, think about the last thing you purchased... it was something you loved, not grocery shopping or anything like that, but the last time you really splurged and took some time looking into and researched.

So I’ll put this into a simple example - from my perspective -


Growing up, baseball was my jam. I loved it more than anything.

So there used to be a magazine that would come in every single month that was called Eastbay.

This magazine, it was all about anything baseball gear-related, any helmet, anything that was an accessory that could be used in the field.

And so for me, if I could get an Eastbay that came to my door every week, I would read it cover to cover, it wouldn't matter. If I got more information on bats at the time that I was looking for bats and I was in the mode for that, I would read it every day.

Now I want you to think in that example, what was the last thing that you researched to the ground?

Now, I want you in a frame of, "Okay, there are things out there that if I had more of it, you know, I wouldn't turn it away."

Now frame all of that in regard to your email list.

If you're providing a service specifically to help people overcome a pain or problem, if for instance we're talking about cancer, and you had some of the more recent or unique approaches, say a functional medicine approach to cancer and cancer remedies and treatment... If there was a new remedy or something new that was a new hot topic that wasn't the conventional approach, you would eat it up in a heartbeat.

And if I sent you two of those per day, you would be all over it.

I want you to also understand in this whole conversation that the people who are unsubscribing, they're actually doing you a favor because now it's not hurting your deliverability. It actually increases your response rate.

It also increases your reputation with certain emailers, specifically Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, all of the bigger ones. Truth is you WANT the people that don't see the value of your stuff off your list.

But when you do get that secret sauce (Mmm mmm mmm), when you DO get that great ratio of great content to great sales, you're now averaging one dollar per subscriber per month.

Here are a couple things I would send to them that could be great.

You can create extra lead tools. This is not just something if they came in from a blueprint or some type of checklist, give them more of those. They ate it up once, they're gonna eat it up again.

Give them education. Train them on something that they don't even know. Give them information that they never even thought was out there in the world.

Shock them, awe them, and then also bust myths. Any little trick, anything, that underground secret that you can provide somebody, do it. Because guess what? Although you may feel like this is a trick that nobody's gonna know about, most of the time everybody already knows about.

It's just your approach and your perspective on how you're saying things that really makes such a big difference, and why it makes YOU (and your products) more memorable.

If you're able to tell a story and help them visualize what you're trying to teach, you've got them hooked, it doesn't matter.

Then, we go into offers.

Make sure that what you're offering is complementary but also linear to what your brand is.

Don't start out being in the cancer industry and all of a sudden say, "Hey, man, I've got some cool candles. You wanna buy this too?" Don't throw them off because the second that happens, then you start losing the list trust and specifically their belief in you that you are a credible expert that is not going to spam them.

Next up… spam.

Look… here’s the rule - don't send them affiliate offers that suck.  

Don't just try to make a buck because that offer is converting well. Make sure that it's linear with your list and what they actually believe, what they actually love, and don't deviate from that.

Stick with the core of what your message is and how they first came in and continue to educate, period.

With this whole list building process, you're probably wondering, "Well, that's great Brett. I'm not even at building a list yet," or, "I have built a list but I'm not really doing enough with it. What are your tips, what are your strategies that you can actually apply or actually share with me?"

Well man, I've got you, so don't worry. One of the things that we've actually put together is what we call The Million Person Checklist.

It’s our internal barometer of what we've done over the years and all the things that we've learned and all the tricks of the trade from headlines to traffic sources all the way on over to call of actions, types of blueprints, types of things that really move the needle, and also, guess what?

It's free.

So if you wanna grab that, head on down just below this post. There's a link. Head on over to the page, and it's all yours.  

I can't wait to help you build that seven figure list that I know you can, and you definitely deserve. So, thank you so much for reading!

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