How To Use Podcast For Lead-gen

In this post… it’s PODCAST TIME!

I want to talk to you specifically about how to use podcasts for lead gen or even if podcasts are even good for lead gen.

Podcasts are phenomenal in my opinion, especially for creating a community.

Alright, so visualize this... with a list you are building a group of targeted people. Yes. When we say list, it's kind of a terrible way of devaluing it, but it's putting just a number to a person. It's like a barcode and I don't like that. I like calling it a community or calling it a group or just calling it a family more than anything.

The one thing you have to think about is a targeting mechanism. Right?

And so podcasts are phenomenal for targeting, whether you're doing a murder podcast or you're doing something like Jonathan Fields with Good Life Project, right?

Where what they're trying to do is provide great value and help you live a better life.

Finding people who want to truly listen to the podcast is a targeting mechanism plain and simple.

It's a targeting mechanism to try to find the right person. You look at Tim Ferriss. It's mostly going to be entrepreneurs that listen to his podcast. You look at Joe Rogan, it's mostly going to be people who are enthusiasts for maybe UFC, mixed martial arts, but also he's got some crude background to him. So it might be a younger audience, right?

Now you're probably thinking, “Well Brett, how does that build a list?”

Good question.

It all comes down to… how you use the podcast that actually changes the dynamic of the list building strategies. And so in this case, what you're going to end up doing is you're going to use a podcast and the call to actions in the podcast to generate that list.

Very simply, you just announce that you’re giving something away.

So in their case, what they're going to do is they're going to talk about in this podcast, our theme. Say you have a guest on and they're going to talk specifically about Paleo.

Well, you're going to let that podcast guest talk for a half an hour, hour or however long your podcast is.

Educate, train, give great information, give great value, and then from there they say, well, yeah, you can get more information by getting my free giveaway here, link.

But here’s the tricky part… you have to be very specific about that link because most of the time people are going to be either in the car, they're going to be running.

They're going to be in places where they're not going to be stationary unless you're targeting specific to people who are on Wifi. But in most cases you're not.

So the thing you have to understand is that podcasts for lead gen are fantastic when you do a proper call to action. And in this case you need a vanity URL, and a vanity URL is just very simply a master URL that is easy to remember.

One of our events that is called the “High Ticket Lunch.” Now High Ticket Lunch is a very relatable, clear picture. It’s also super easy to remember (and that’s the point!).

If you have to require them to go in and say, in case of like Jonathan Fields, if he's saying, okay, go to Jonathan Fields forward slash giveaway forward slash awesome blueprints... and it's very unlikely that anybody in that case would actually remember that.

But if you change the game, go buy a URL on say GoDaddy and just say, “”. Always be aware of spelling, especially if it's easy to misspell what you're doing.

Keep in mind auditory, and actually writing it down are two completely different things, so if it's very difficult, like a last name…

“My name is Brett Fairall.” My last name could be spelled like Will Ferrell, or Colin Farrell, or any number of different Ferrals… but mine is different and I have to make it clear especially on a podcast call to action.

I mean, you could just as easily misspell Brett, so it can be one T. It could be Brent, could be ... all the different spellings.

So if you are going to do a giveaway, be aware that anything you say, you're going to probably want to spell it and you're also probably going to want to make it as clear and as easy to share as possible. Some of the best ways you can perceive marketing is how easy is it to share with other people? How easy is it if I actually show something off to you, family member, whoever? How easy for them to actually tell their spouse about what they just learned? The easier it is, the more effective you'll be.

So if you want to build a list, build your lead tool, build your page that's going to sell it, and then make sure that that link, is EASY to remember. And if you do buy a link on GoDaddy that redirects over, just go ahead and put a forwarding address in.

Super easy and you could even Google your way through that. How to create, how to buy a URL in GoDaddy. Then forward to another link.

They are a LOT of tutorials about that, but just bear in mind that when you are building that list that your podcast is congruent with whatever you're giving away. Otherwise nobody's going to care about it. Nobody's ever going to go there. Also be consistent with your call to actions. Don't do it all the time. Don't do it every time you have a show. Say that your show is once a week; throw something else in there.

Do giveaways from other people, throw in commercials and then throw in that giveaway one in three just so it doesn't get monotonous, doesn't get burnt out, but you have to have consistency over multiple podcasts. So people can remember it.

Most of the time people won't remember it, so you might not get much traction starting out, but as you continue to do all of your shows and your podcasts, run wild and more people download it and it grows, (and starts to grow fast,) then you'll have more people coming in because it's an evergreen approach. Just like YouTube, the podcast won't stop, the videos won't stop and then those call to actions will always be there.

On that same note, make sure your pages are always live…

That way if somebody goes to episode six and now you're at 600 and they try to go to that lead page and it's not there, at least redirect to something else that makes sense.

To summarize…

  • Make sure you have a clear call to action,

  • Make sure it's linear,

  • Make sure it's something people want and do it consistently across multiple episodes…

  • Don't make it too obvious every single time.

So yes, the answer to the question, podcasts are great for lead gen.

Now, if you want to build a list and you want to do it effectively and you want to know exactly what we do to build all of our lead tools for not just our list building techniques, but also for our clients’ list building techniques, go ahead and head on down. Just below this post, I've got a link to a checklist.

This is our Million Person Checklist that’s a full blueprint on what we use in order to checkoff, yes, this lead tool is ready and it's ready for publishing.

This includes headlines, this includes branding. This includes the clear call to action, all the supporting evidence, all the look, all the feel, everything. All you need to do is just head on down and go and get it. It's all free for you.

That's my gift to you for being here and reading this entire post!

Thank you so much. My name is Brett Fairall, the founder of The Fairall Group, and I would love it if you actually take a look at some of our other posts and videos as well. They're hovering around here just below and just to the right!

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