How To Establish Your Goals For Lead Gen

We’ve got a great post for you today about how to establish your goals for lead gen.

Now specifically, if you already have a list, that's great. If you already have a high converting offer, even better. When you're generating a list or actually building a larger email list, you want to look at a couple things.

1. Look at what your efforts are resulting in right now, and how do you want to improve them. If you are already emailing them on a regular basis, and you're already talking to them and you're getting a decent response rate, great. But most people don't communicate to their list. They don't talk regularly with them. So one of the things that we want to look at is your strategy for nurturing them, on a regular basis.

Looking at it, I know it seems like kind of a long tail after just acquiring the leads, or looking to acquire them, but realistically, getting an email list that you don't follow up with is just like throwing money into “Bank of Facebook.”

It's just not going to get you anything.

So some things you want to look at are -

  • What is my long-term strategy for generating this lead?
  • What are we doing here with this list?
  • Do we have a series of offers after the fact?
  • Do we have a sequence of communication pieces (some call it a nurture sequence), that will go out and will continue to keep them onboard and keep them going day after day, and looking forward to your emails week after week?

So that's your first goal… what is your long-term strategy?

Getting that established will help you then create the road map for it. Next…

2. Where are you actually collecting these leads? Is this Facebook? Is this something you're doing from Instagram, SEO? Is it organic? Is it paid traffic? One thing you're going to need to do is to create a very specific strategy on how you're going to acquire these leads, right?

So that kind of takes us to number three, which is…

3. What are you doing to communicate with them on the front end? Is your offer or is your lead gen tool compelling? Is it something that your list even wants? These are all very important questions. A lot of times, on number three, in order for you to really figure out whether they're going to like your stuff or like that lead magnet, that blueprint, that giveaway, is to survey them. Ask them questions, go to your existing list and ask them: Is this something that you would love?

A lot of times our clients already know and have already drilled down who their audience is ‒ this is who we're talking to, this is who we're communicating with, and this is what they want and love.

But more importantly, what bugs them and keeps them up at night. If you can drill down right here and know exactly what your audience is pained by and how you can help really improve their lives.

I mean if they have pain, you want to help them, give them exercises or give them supplements in a supplement strategy on how you can actually naturally improve that pain.

I could go on and on and on in the different ways, but those are the strategies that I would use right here and now to start forming that lead gen effort and the things you need to look at more than anything.

As always I hope these strategies are helping you immensely!

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It's the things that we've learned over many years of doing this with agencies, with our own lists, and I think you'll love it. All the information is just below on how to access that for free, and I hope that it actually serves you well.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my other blog posts and videos!

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