Finding Attendees For Your 7 Figure Mastermind

Today I'm gonna talk to you about how you find attendees for your seven figure Mastermind.

Now, personally, I've had the pleasure of being able to create a Mastermind over the years with an incredible person.(Don't ever tell her I told you she was incredible).

Her name is Amber Spears, and we are the co-founders of the Mimosa Mastermind.

It is a very unique, and very high end Mastermind specifically for entrepreneurs who want to travel around the world, and also build their companies and grow each other organically.

What we've done is create a platform for people to be able to interact, engage, and grow each other's companies by actually getting advice from experts, and being able to share some of the most unique, cutting edge tactics and techniques, but also have an incredible time doing it (in some amazing locations like Cabo and Scottsdale, and all these other really cool places).

So to speak directly to the question of how you generate clients, or how you get people involved in something like a Mastermind… you just create a mission.

You create a vision and a mission around what you truly want, but also, you do really great things for great people, and you build your reputation first and foremost.

Amber and I started this whole thing by actually just falling in love with our clients, and wanting to bring them together in a really cool setting.

Most of the time we go and travel around to conferences, and meet other people, and when we found those very select nuggets of really awesome people, those gems, the people you know are in it to actually change the world, to make a huge difference with other people, to not just fill their bank account, but actually make a huge difference in other people that are out there, and try to help in a very genuine way...

We just wanted to center ourselves with better people, and that's what you should start doing.

Whenever you go to an event, or even a very traditional meet-up or even like the BNI, try to align yourself with people you know are truly wanting to make a difference. (The BNI or Business Network International is very unique, it's an entrepreneurs’ meet-up group.)

When you do that, you become very particular about who you want in your room. And that's very important.

When you create a Mastermind or event, the sooner you actually realize you are owner of that room, and you are the person who is the guide of that conversation ‒ so you have to surround yourself with the very best.

You're creating the all star team of friends, and specifically of colleagues, that you work with. If, they for whatever reason, they’re just not a good fit, that's just fine. They’re just not a good fit.

You have to understand that any time you get in a room with somebody, you are going to go and try to bring as much value as possible.

As you start to grow this Mastermind of yours, what you need to do is begin by seeing if the people you’ve chosen are gonna be willing to do the same.

If your goal is to provide as much value as possible, your Mastermind should have the same intention as well. So look at your core values. Look at who you are and what you believe in.

The best way to start doing that is just gather 3 - 5 of the most influential people that you've ever worked with, but who you also feel have great insight into the other divisions of what they're great with.

So they could be me - as a marketer; I could also bring in a videographer, I could also bring in somebody who specializes in affiliate and JV connections. I could bring in an attorney. I could bring in all these different people, and it doesn't matter if there's duplication or multiples of that same industry, or that same expertise, because the thing is, each person brings a different perspective than the other.

So that’s how you start. Get a core group of experts and contributors and meet up once a week on a Zoom call.

That's it. That's how it all starts. You meet up on a Zoom call, you have an agenda where every single week you meet up and you hold each other accountable to your goals.

First up, you start out having this overall talk... Go ahead and maybe talk about how are you feeling, how is everybody on a scale of 1 to 10; do a check in, and then from there, let's talk about breaking each other's business down.

Then go ahead and actually start building out some of the core fundamentals of what is wrong with your company, or what is the biggest challenge that you're experiencing right now, and let everybody, every genius, every expert in your think tank weigh in on what is actually going to help them the most.

Let them take notes, let them apply it, and then give them a week to actually act on those things, and check in to see how it went.

Here’s what happens next…

Next thing you know, people ‒ once they're getting great value ‒ they're gonna start talking. (And that’s exactly what you want…)

People are gonna start talking about, “I'm in this awesome entrepreneurs’ group.”

It's gonna naturally and organically grow, and what's gonna happen is you're gonna start having more people hear about it, and more people grow into it.

Your meetings are gonna start growing from 5 - 10 to 15 - 20, and then more and more naturally over the next couple of months because, if you're gonna build a seven figure, million dollar Mastermind, it's gonna take some time.

You have to prove that what you're doing, and the experts you have in there, are gonna be the most valuable reason for them to come and attend.

Understand that Masterminds are ONLY as valuable as the people that you have in them.

So you can actually be the top notch person, you can actually be the most knowledgeable individual in your craft, but if you're the only person that's willing, or has the mindset to be willing to give in the most authentic and genuine way possible... people won't attend your Mastermind.

Sure, they'll pay you for your services, and they'll invest in you and your company, but they won't actually come to your group because the culture is not established and it's not there in a very genuine way.

To reiterate, starting out, find the top 5 people you love working with the most. The people that you really could have a beer with, but also you could go into the front lines with, and you can actually really go and do some damage within many different facets, whether it's business, whether it's growth, whether it's going to Burning Man, whatever it is.

These are the people you know for a fact, you would go to war with.

Then gather everybody once a week, or twice a month or something like that.

Start slow. Work your way up, and then start growing. And then start building.

And at some point (you’ll know when it’s about to reach “critical mass”) offer to meet up in person.

Then everybody meets up at a dedicated location. (Tip, choose a HUGE event to “piggyback” your meetup) That's where we started out, where we kind of became the speakeasy, the underground meeting at the conference that nobody really talked about, but everybody kind of wanted to be a part of, and then from there it grows.

Reputation gets out, as long as you serve, and you serve with intention. It's the best way to grow your Mastermind.

Start small, pick your people very, very particularly, and then make sure that everything that you do is with value and with goodwill.

That's it. That is the total value, that is the exact way you can build a seven figure Mastermind, and how you can actually get the best people to grow.

The more people that you can surround yourself with, really good people that have the best intentions in this world, the better you're gonna be, and the better in the end this whole world’s gonna be.

I’ve got a special gift for you as well if you haven’t gotten your copy yet.

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So thank you again for reading. I would love to be able to hear some comments from you about what you're doing to generate new people for your Mastermind!

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