Do Quizzes Still Work?

In this post I'm gonna talk to you a little about quizzes.

And the biggest question we get is… “Do quizzes work, and do their leads actually still convert?”

Yes and yes.

All joking aside, this is something that I get a lot, actually.

We started our agency working with quizzes heavily, we've done over 75 quizzes in a countless amount of different industries; from beards, to thyroid, to cancer, to nonprofits, to attorneys… it goes, and goes, and goes, and goes, and goes.

Here’s the thing… quizzes have always worked.

Think back to when magazines were the way people got their information. (I can barely remember it!)

Quizzes were in Life magazine and Cosmo for decades, but it wasn't something automated, that only happened with the creation of the internet.

lead generation quiz

If you think about it, those have always been a topic of conversation, even in The New York Times. And you ask yourself, even in the same token, "Well, do crossword puzzles still work? Do people even care about…?" So those are still a staple of something very traditional like The New York Times.

The very unique thing about the quiz... why it’s something that’s not just another tchotchke, or something that's just gonna fade out is because of the dynamics of how quizzes are created.

It's not a gift that's gonna wear out. It's an assessment. It's gonna help you at different times of your life assess where you're at. So a quiz that you could take in your 20's you could take in your 40's and get a completely different result.

They're not gonna die any time soon.

I don't really think they will die at all, because the answers are based on you.

You're gonna change, and it's still gonna be valuable. Whether you're doing a quiz that's around what cartoon character are you, or you're taking a quiz around cancer and it’s actually giving you an assessment around your risks based on your environment, and the food that you ingest.

These are all very important things. These are all very important questions that I feel drive to the core of our psychology, that are not just about an automated online marketing device that's just going to burn out.

So, do quizzes work? Yes.

Are they gonna die soon? I don't think so, but in the next question, do quiz leads convert? Now, that all depends.

lead generation conversion

It depends on what you do with those quiz leads.

A lot of our clients, they've used them, they've gotten great results, they've gotten leads at a very low rate, because these quizzes, if structured properly, and if you ask the right questions, is something that will create and generate leads at ... as low as 15¢ or 20¢ a lead, which is nuts, specifically in the health industry.

But there’s one caveat… if you don't structure your quiz properly, and you don't leverage what's at your fingertips properly, these quiz leads won't convert.

First off, quiz leads won't convert if you don't actually talk to them. Big surprise there, right? The next thing is that you need to have an ongoing strategy to speak to them about the exact things that they just got answers on.

Here’s what I mean.

Say for instance that we give you an assessment around your cancer risk. If your risk is high, and the number one thing that's bothering you the most is, say sleep, (and this is a very arbitrary example) we’re able to target that your #1 problem is lack of sleep.

And that you’re losing sleep because someone in your life is struggling with cancer, you need to have an email follow-up sequence that talks about getting sleep, or sleeping better even with family suffering with cancer.

lead generation worry

If you were the person taking that quiz, and you got this result, and then you had an email sequence that followed up with that... your conversions are through the roof.

BUT if you give them the answer on the quiz, and it's not well-educated, not well-researched, looks like you put it together in a day, and then on top of that you throw out an email that’s all over the place and NOT addressing their problems, not addressing their concerns, not speaking to any of the questions that they just answered, the things that they just talked about, you’ll most likely have a problem.

These quizzes we're creating ask very in-depth questions and it forces people to get in a pretty vulnerable state. But if you're not talking to any of those pieces, and you're not actually using any of that data to your advantage, then no, they won't convert. And it's not gonna be worth your time, and they're gonna back out, and you're gonna invest in a list that's not gonna make you any money.

I’ll say it again, a properly formatted quiz is the only kind that converts.

With that being said, I want you to understand that with a quiz.. make sure you serve them like you would serve your mom. No kidding…

Imagine if your mom is taking your quiz, what information would you give her after she took the quiz, found her #1 issue and was ready for the next step?

If you can honestly say that your email sequence serves your mom exceptionally well, then you're probably in a good realm.

Always remember you gotta serve your mom the best way you can, always give her the greatest advice, always give her the greatest information.

i heart mom

And when you're doing your list-building tactics, make sure you make it all “mom-worthy” so everybody will feel the love.

Learning more about you, learning more about your service, your why, your passion, your everything, and they will continue to follow you and continue to actually get information from you, and continue to buy from you.

Now, if you're interested in building a list, and you want to know the tactics and tricks that we use in order to generate a seven figure, million person list…

I have a cheat sheet and a full checklist just for you. The link is just below. You can grab it for free. We're giving that away, but this list is what we use when we actually go through and build a brand new lead tool, whether it be for our clients, or whether it be for our own agency, and our own in-house offers.

I hope it serves you well. Please subscribe to this video. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate you so much, and please take a look at some of our other videos and blog posts. We have links below and on the side. Thank you again, and take care.

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