Do I Need To Build A List?

So, in this post we’re going to discuss whether list-building is required for your business, or should you build an email list?

Personally, it’s clearly a YES for me, (obviously I'm a little biased being that lead generation has been our bread and butter for many years).

The thing is, if you're only going for eCommerce, where you're only getting a sale, where you're only selling a single product, you're missing out on a lot of opportunity, because the relationship is not necessarily getting established with that person over time.

They are actually buying because that product is fulfilling a need, but they're not necessarily finding you to be a credible expert out of the gates.

Let me explain what that means.

List-building is, in my opinion, an art and science… and when done right, you can build really authentic relationships ... It's fascinating.

lead generation art vs science

I say “authentic relationships”, but it's like you're still automating a lot of this communication, so you're building relationships with your list, and people are looking to you as you being that credible expert.

You are the person they are going to for advice, and you are the person who is advising them to either go and look at this research piece, go and look at this video, go and actually read this article, and you are now the person who they are finding to be like, "Okay, whatever he is saying is worth listening to," because they believe in you.

That can't be done with just a straight sale.

Shopify and a lot of eCommerce-based companies, they do a fantastic job of converting the sale. That is something that is very, very important, but ongoing with a customer list…?

If you don't have a thread of communication, and you don't have a consistent flow of information, or whether it's messages, or Facebook communication, or Instagram, or whatever, in your email thread, if all you're doing is just giving them a receipt, and that's really where the communication ends, they only find you to be a supermarket at this point.

You're just a glorified Walmart.

Now, not to devalue your product or anything like that, but just take into consideration that if you walk up and down the aisle, do you really care as much about who Mr. Sears is or what The Bon Marché is really doing?

lead generation shopping carts

That's a really old name, but hey, guess what, that's what it is.

You need to come out of the gate by actually giving them something of value, okay? This could be like an assessment, some type of quiz that's assessing a problem or something they're going through, or if you actually give them an eBook, and then from there, you slowly but surely build that relationship and build their trust.

Now all of a sudden, you have a lifelong follower.

One of the things we love to do in our list-building techniques, is incorporate a Facebook group, and use that group as a means to increase retention.

Because the big thing is, if we're doing our job right and we're able to target the right people in the right way, now you're building a community.

Everybody is separate from one another when they're joining your list, but when they're invited to join a private Facebook group, now they get the opportunity to interact with one another.

And when they're interacting, THEN they have a reason to stick around. They have a reason to actually enjoy your services ongoing, but also talk about that, in their own private, small corner of the interweb, that is theirs, that is their comfort zone, their special environment.

So, to come back to the original question of, "Is list-building necessary? Should you build a list?"

My answer is… Absolutely.

I think you should because it builds not just the ability to convert a lead into a customer, but it creates a lifelong follower.

lead generation followers

What that will do is increase LTV, (the lifetime value of that customer). It will increase trust, and then also it'll help all of your email marketing and all of your email automation techniques and tactics, so that way, the people that are going to be on your list, you just make sure that you show them some love and they'll do the same in return.

And there you have it. I hope that was helpful!

One more thing…

I have a gift for you. I want to make sure you know that the list-building and everything we do is really important to us, and I think just you being here should be important to you as well.

So we have a checklist that I want to give you. It's our special seven-figure list-building checklist that we use whenever we build a new tool, whether it be for our clients or whether it be for our own in-house offers.

We have a series of steps we go through that will break down not just headlines, but types of pages, what types of offers, what types of things we give away, and all of those things they have to check off that list in order for us to go and click ‘Publish’.

That's what I want to give to you today. There's a link just below this post where you can go and access that free.

I hope that helps you, and I hope that helps you in your list-building techniques and tactics here moving forward.

Thank you again for just joining me here and taking time to read this post.

I would love to know what you're doing and what your experience has been like with list-building as well. I respond to all comments personally.

Take a minute to look around this site and watch other videos and read some of my other posts. They’re just as weird and stupid as this one 🙂 

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