Creating The Hook That Gets 60% Conversions

In this post I'm gonna talk to you about creating a hook, or, what we call the headline that consistently generates over 60% conversions.

Time, after time, after time, it’s the HOOK that brings them back…

Now, when we're talking about creating a headline, (and we're talking about 60%), this is about lead generation.

I'm talking about the lead tools that actually move the needle - things that your affiliates are gonna be willing to promote for because the conversion rate is so high. Even though affiliates never want to actually promote to lead tools, they can't help but do so because the numbers back out so well after you actually opt them in, and then sell them on something just as congruent.

Everyone Searches Selfishly

Now, the thing is we're not talking about sales in this post. We're not talking about “what's the offer” after the fact of the lead tool; we're talking specifically, right now, what we do in order to get over 60% conversion, and how we can get their audiences, and get people just to jump all over this.

So, the big thing for us is most of our conversions are at that rate because of quizzes. Quizzes have been the secret sauce for us because people care about taking quizzes; it gives them something that they love more than anything… it gives them information about themselves.

lead generation quiz

Everybody online searches selfishly, whether we want to recognize it or not. We're looking online for stuff for ourselves. We're looking online for content that interests us. We're looking for stuff to keep us from the big word — boredom.

So in this situation what we have to do is we have to create a hook that no matter what, catches their attention so much that they cannot help but look.

So what is that? How do we do that?

Poking The Beast

I want you to think about this: if I were to ask you a very straightforward question and said, “One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer. Will you?” — how are you feeling right now?

Probably not the greatest. Probably not super excited. Keep in mind that's kind of a darker topic, so we're going a little dark on this example, but I want you to understand something. That moment when you hear that one statistic, and you hear that many people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, you're like, “Wow, I don't know. Could I be the one in three? I mean, my family have had experience with cancer. They've been affected in some way. Could it be …?”

All of a sudden, your brain starts to run... You start to think about the possibilities. You start to think about the worst. You start “WebMD-ing” your life. You start getting this hypochondriac emotion, you're like, “Oh my gosh.” But then you go into this assessment and say, “Okay, this is a tool, this is a home tool that I can see if this is me.”

It's okay, but that's the intention. What we try to do, is we try to attract the large enough audience, and create a scenario that you could fit into “blank”. And that blank typically is not the best, it's not the best situation.

One statistic we found for business that was really fascinating was that... I believe it was 8 out of 10 ... (It was in Bloomberg.) It was 80% of all business owners that start a business, fail within the first year and a half. So, if you say, “4 out of 5 business owners will fail within the first 18 months. Will you?” How do you feel about that?

All of a sudden you're like, “I don't know. What am I doing?” and then I say, “Take this very simple 42 second assessment to see if you are doing the right things or the wrong things to help prevent you from being yet another statistic in Bloomberg.” Interesting, right?

So, in this whole situation with quizzes, we are able to do, what we call “poke the beast.” We poke the beast because what we do is we ask questions that are difficult to help them really get down to brass tacks of whether they're going to succeed, whether they're going to fail, whether they're going to fall into this category of pain, problem, issue, and despair.

So if you’re the reader, there's a chance that you could get into that situation, but you may not.

The Secret Sauce

So that situation creates as much curiosity as possible… This is the secret sauce.

If people are curious in this world, or if more people were curious in this world, this would be a much different place where we live.

lead generation secret

Here’s the thing — you need to create as much curiosity as possible within any single tool that you provide your audience.

The more curiosity you create… whether it's wonder for something in the negative, or it's wonder for something in the positive, you have to play up the “What if you could be like this?” or “What if this could happen to you?”

The more you include these angles in your lead tools, and the more curiosity you inject into that formula, the more likely people are going to actually take it, and the more likely you're gonna get over 60% conversion on all your lead tools.

So, look at what you're doing, look at your headline, and think, “Is this compelling? On its face, is this a “duh”, or is this something that “Yeah, people are so curious about that they absolutely have to have it”?

One example that we use specifically for quizzes that always puts it in the correct frame of whether curiosity is there or not is our pizza example.

So, when I ask you, “What's your favorite topping?”

Yeah so, if  you don't like pizza, then you should just leave this page right NOW!

I'm just kidding. All joking aside, seriously, ask yourself what's your favorite topping. If you said pepperoni, if you said Hawaiian, you said sausage, you said meat, whatever that is... When I asked you that, you knew exactly what you wanted. You knew exactly what it was, you knew exactly what the answer was going to be.

Why would you ever take a quiz on what is your favorite pizza topping?

Ask Questions That Raise Curiosity

Why would you ever actually buy a lead tool, or opt in for a lead tool that says, “Hey, submit your name and email to find out what your favorite pizza topping is”? You already know it, you already have the answer, so why would you offer something for any of your audience that they could get the answer themselves, right?

But in this case, if I flipped it just oh so slightly and said, “Which pizza topping is right for you?” or “What does your favorite pizza topping say about you?” — now what do you think?

You don't know, you have no idea because right now you're wondering, “I think that's my favorite, I think that's what I want”... but you don't know.

That is what you need to do with all your lead tools, that is what you need to do when it comes to lead generation and your business. You need to create so much curiosity around what that next step could be. Could this lead tool generate a million person list? Could this next lead tool give you the skills you need to be a professional videographer while you’re filming for ESPN, and all of the biggest names in the industry?

Could your lead tool actually provide a functional medicine approach to help change a family's experience with cancer? You need to create curiosity. And the moment that you do, people cannot leave the page without opting in.

That is how we do 60%+ conversions, and that's how we get people to continue to not just opt in, but stay tuned, and also share and share vigorously. Follow those steps. Change how you're approaching everything that you're doing.

Go back over everything that you have in there in your lead tools and look at it and say, “On its face, is it a “duh”, or is it “Oh my gosh, this could be amazing,” and is there curiosity coming through that?

That’s our post for today. But before you go, I have a gift for you, and you’re going to love it.

It’s our proprietary checklist.

A checklist that we use on every single one of our lead tools, on every single one of our assessments, and even our quizzes that we run through that help us generate those seven figure lists.

Not just for our own in-house work, but also for our clients as well. All you need to do to access this checklist is just click the link just below this post. I think it's gonna serve you well, and I know for a fact that everybody that I've read, or actually talked with, has loved it as well.

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