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How To Establish Your Goals For Lead Gen

We’ve got a great post for you today about how to establish your goals for lead gen.

Now specifically, if you already have a list, that's great. If you already have a high converting offer, even better. When you're generating a list or actually building a larger email list, you want to look at a couple things.

1. Look at what your efforts are resulting in right now, and how do you want to improve them. If you are already emailing them on a regular basis, and you're already talking to them and you're getting a decent response rate, great. But most people don't communicate to their list. They don't talk regularly with them. So one of the things that we want to look at is your strategy for nurturing them, on a regular basis.

Looking at it, I know it seems like kind of a long tail after just acquiring the leads, or looking to acquire them, but realistically, getting an email list that you don't follow up with is just like throwing money into “Bank of Facebook.”

It's just not going to get you anything.

So some things you want to look at are -

  • What is my long-term strategy for generating this lead?
  • What are we doing here with this list?
  • Do we have a series of offers after the fact?
  • Do we have a sequence of communication pieces (some call it a nurture sequence), that will go out and will continue to keep them onboard and keep them going day after day, and looking forward to your emails week after week?

So that's your first goal… what is your long-term strategy?

Getting that established will help you then create the road map for it. Next…

2. Where are you actually collecting these leads? Is this Facebook? Is this something you're doing from Instagram, SEO? Is it organic? Is it paid traffic? One thing you're going to need to do is to create a very specific strategy on how you're going to acquire these leads, right?

So that kind of takes us to number three, which is…

3. What are you doing to communicate with them on the front end? Is your offer or is your lead gen tool compelling? Is it something that your list even wants? These are all very important questions. A lot of times, on number three, in order for you to really figure out whether they're going to like your stuff or like that lead magnet, that blueprint, that giveaway, is to survey them. Ask them questions, go to your existing list and ask them: Is this something that you would love?

A lot of times our clients already know and have already drilled down who their audience is ‒ this is who we're talking to, this is who we're communicating with, and this is what they want and love.

But more importantly, what bugs them and keeps them up at night. If you can drill down right here and know exactly what your audience is pained by and how you can help really improve their lives.

I mean if they have pain, you want to help them, give them exercises or give them supplements in a supplement strategy on how you can actually naturally improve that pain.

I could go on and on and on in the different ways, but those are the strategies that I would use right here and now to start forming that lead gen effort and the things you need to look at more than anything.

As always I hope these strategies are helping you immensely!

And before you go I have something for you.

It's a 10-part blueprint of the checklist of things you need to do in order to build that Million Person List.

It's the things that we've learned over many years of doing this with agencies, with our own lists, and I think you'll love it. All the information is just below on how to access that for free, and I hope that it actually serves you well.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my other blog posts and videos!

How To Create A Lead Tool To Use With Affiliates

It’s time to talk about what it takes to create a lead magnet or lead tool that will generate OVER 50% conversion working with affiliates.

Now, whether you're doing cold traffic or using an affiliate's warm traffic, you're going to want to do a little bit of homework before you build out your page.

A lot of times when you're working with affiliates, there is some negotiation involved. A lot of times they won't push traffic to a lead page or lead tool because they don't want to give you any person on their list. It's just what it is. They're spending a lot of time, spending a lot of money to generate their own list, so they don't want to just give it away willy-nilly.

But in many cases, they will actually work a negotiation with you if you either do a CPL, which is cost per lead, or you can negotiate with them, "Hey, I know my funnel is going to convert X, and so I'm willing to pay you 50 cents per dollar," … whatever that is, and then they'll do it.

The other way is that if you were able to tag the leads and actually give them credit (or commission) for any resulting sales, whether that's a lifetime cookie or just over the next six months.

That being said, how do you get your lead page to convert at over 50% when you're actually working with somebody like that?

First… do your homework.

Pay attention to some of their videos. Ask them what the last five promotions that they sent were, and how well did they do.

Get in the affiliate’s head, but also subscribe to their lists. See what they send and do your due diligence prior to actually talking with them to see, "Oh, well, what worked well? What didn't work well? Who is your audience? What do they love? What do they hate? What do they really just need more than anything else?".

So when you have all of that information, you can now build your page and it's going to convert exceptionally well because you’re using all of the messaging and all of the comments or all of the feedback that their list has provided you, or this affiliate has provided you about their list.

Keeping that in mind, there’s another way to get their information right.

You can do a deep dive survey with them. Ask them very specific questions on exactly what is going through their heads. Ask them questions on what keeps them up at night. Ask them where they would love to be.

I'm going to provide a link just below to a video that goes directly through what a deep dive survey is and how you can actually use it to generate high, high converting lists.

But here's the thing, when it comes to your affiliates you need to serve them in the way that they want to be served ‒ give them something that provides goodwill and actually delivers really great content that their list cannot say “no” to.

In a lot of cases... quizzes do exceptionally well

Quizzes are just another form of lead tool. A quiz can help assess something that this list may not know about themselves but also that they're just so curious about that they can't help themselves but finish the quiz.

The majority of quizzes that we do convert over 50% to affiliates, but just bear this in mind...

Whether you are building a checklist, a lead tool that is a giveaway for an ebook, or if it's a quiz, make sure that whatever affiliate you're working with knows that you will work your fricking butt off to actually serve their list in the best way possible because they're always looking for new things to keep their list happy, growing, thriving, and opening and clicking their emails.

Don’t ever just provide the run-of-the-mill, "Oh, well, these are our lead tools, and this is what I have. Pick and choose which one's going to be best."

No, you customize a campaign for them and that is how you get your 50% and that is how you convert higher than everyone else in the game.

lead generation conversion

And guess what? When those conversions are high, your affiliates are businessmen and they’ll continue to promote you because they know that their community loves you. So if that's the case, they're going to send again immediately after to all unopens because they know the conversions are going to be there and the money's going be there.

So there you go. There's your answer, and that's what you need to do.

If you want to build a list yourself and you're curious about the model that we use, we've put together a seven-figure checklist for you today.

We call it The Million Person Checklist of how to actually build that seven figure list and how to make it a high converting list.

That free checklist is just below. There's a link below this post. Just click it, head on over, submit your email, and it's right there for the grabbing.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Take a minute to poke around the rest of the site and read other posts or watch some of my (occasionally weird!) videos. Thanks again for reading!

Getting Affiliate and JV Partners


In this post, I’m going to share some of my most powerful information about….

Affiliates and JV partners!

Where's the best place to grab them? Where's the best place to find them?

There're a number of places where you can meet just the right people.

A lot of times, it happens when you're at events, when you go to conferences live and in person.

If you're in, say, a marketing-based industry, Traffic and Conversion is a fantastic event that usually happens in San Diego every February. There are usually 6,000 plus marketers in all different types of businesses.

Another fascinating place you can actually get more partners, if you have a product or you have some kind of online course, you can actually go to ClickBank.

ClickBank is a fantastic resource.

They have a massive marketplace of people who drive traffic (these are what we call our affiliates) and then vendors, people who actually have products.

They have this really cool platform where they connect all these people together, and then they have the payment and the processing and the payouts and all the affiliate commission stuff. And … (BIG PLUS!) they handle it all for you. Clickbank gets my highest recommendation.

But say you want to go and find partners and create more of a direct relationship.

Events are phenomenal, but I think, more than anything, going to your closest partners or going to the people you're already doing business with, and just asking them, "Who else do you know that would actually really appreciate this? Who else do you know that would actually have a community that would love my stuff, my thing?"

Going to them first might be one of your best bets. 

Your network is so valuable in so many ways, and often we just take it for granted because it's easy to overlook the people who are closest to you and the work that you've done with them. 


But this group is very likely to know other people that they would recommend you to.

And being that you've already done business with them, there’s an even greater chance that they'd actually want to serve and support you.

When you do go to an event, and you want to meet an affiliate or a potential partner, what you want to do is you want to find out as much about them as you can.

You want to know exactly who that person is and how you can best serve them.

That's really the “secret sauce” of getting great affiliates... going to some of the larger partners who have bigger lists and just giving them the farm or being willing to work your butt off in order to get them to promote for you.

That could include writing all of the custom emails for them to send out, custom swipes, creating a page that's custom to them and their community. But that all starts with you asking questions to them about what does their audience love more than anything and also subscribing to their lists.

One of the great ways you can target someone and get them into your community as a JV partner is just Googlin'. Googlin' ‒ that's right, I said Googlin' with a -lin'.

It’s pretty much just looking at the service you offer and seeing who else out there could be an indirect partner for you. Call them an indirect competitor.

Even people who are in your space selling very similar things can be somebody really fantastic for you because there's going to be people on their list that end up loving YOU and your product more than them… just because of who you are.

Everybody that came onto their list and liked their topic, doesn't mean they actually liked their product.

Now, if you're wondering about generating or getting these new affiliates, it's about doing the work, but it's also about making sure that you follow them and follow their voice, as in getting their tone.

One of the best ways is, if you do find somebody after your little Googlin', is that you subscribe to their lists.

Once you do that, and you watch some of their emails, see what they're promoting, and then if you're congruent with that or if you're willing to put in the work to create something that is congruent, now you reach out to them and you say, "I have an incredible ___________…”

“I have an incredible product, I have an incredible lead tool, I have an incredible thing, whatever that is your list will absolutely love. I think it's going to help you generate X amount of sales. I think it's going to be such and such." (And then making sure that you have your data ready for them is super important as well.)

Having all your numbers down every time that somebody actually does a mailing for you or every time that you actually get a certain number or bit of traffic to your site is crucial knowledge for your affiliate.

If I'm sending you 10,000 clicks, I know exactly what my earnings per click are. That way, I can say, "Okay, well, if it's a $2 earnings per click, then fantastic. I'm going to go ahead and make $20,000 on this one mailing." Just having your numbers dialed, knowing exactly what their audience wants, really being willing to serve them in a big way and understand that it's all a negotiation.

Everything you do when it comes to these affiliates, especially when it gets to the larger affiliates, it's all a negotiation.

When you do get a whale ‒ we're calling just a whale in the sense of a person with a massive list to promote for you ‒ a lot of the other affiliates will come out of the woodwork and actually support you as well.

Because people pay attention.

There are people watching some of these bigger promoters regularly because everybody is subscribed to their list. If they see that they're promoting something, it means they're committing to mailing for this person because it's actually worth their time as well.

Do what you can. Be willing to negotiate. Be willing to take a little bit of a cut but also make sure you serve them in a really big way.

Once you’ve started to establish yourself it’s time to up the game, and events and masterminds are a huge potential win in this case.

We have our own Mastermind. It's called Mimosa Mastermind, and it's one of the coolest, most unique groups of people that we've been able to amass.

Let me be clear, I’m not pitching our event, just using it as an illustration of one of the ways we’ve been able to generate fantastic JV partners because we only allow in some of the coolest (and the weirdest) people.

We want to find who is going to help make a difference in the world.

The higher the echelon of the person you're working with and talking with, will naturally attract other people at the same level, and included in that group are likely going to be individuals who want to promote for you.

If you do well for them, and you actually break your back for them, and you want to serve them, they're going to continue to mail. And if it goes well, they're going to push to unopens, and they're going to mail for you consistently over and over and over again.

And there you have my best JV and affiliate-generating and acquiring tactics.

I hope those were valuable for you.

But it all starts with a list. You're going to need a list because sometimes your affiliate partners are going to want swaps. What a swap is, if you're not familiar, is if they're willing to send you 10,000 clicks, sometimes partners are going to want 10,000 in return.

You’ve got to have a list ready for something like that.

Just keep in mind that if you have a zero list, there's going to be a bit of a challenge for you to actually get bigger affiliates to push for you, if that's what they want in return.


Why don't we start you off on the right foot?

I have a checklist that I'm going to give you. This checklist actually walks through every single piece that you need in order to create a lead-gen tool that's going to generate you a seven-figure list. This is what we use for all of our in-house offers. This is what we use for all of our client offers. This is our checklist of things that we go through to make sure that that is a good-to-go and ready-to-publish asset.

Grab it for free using the link below. That's all on me. Click the button and get your own copy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I appreciate your time. I'd love it if you could subscribe, like ‒ dislike this video if you didn't ‒ comment... I respond to them personally. Again, my name is Brett Fairall, founder of The Fairall Group. Check out some of my other blog posts and videos.

Do Quizzes Still Work?

lead generation conversion

In this post I'm gonna talk to you a little about quizzes.

And the biggest question we get is… “Do quizzes work, and do their leads actually still convert?”

Yes and yes.

All joking aside, this is something that I get a lot, actually.

We started our agency working with quizzes heavily, we've done over 75 quizzes in a countless amount of different industries; from beards, to thyroid, to cancer, to nonprofits, to attorneys… it goes, and goes, and goes, and goes, and goes.

Here’s the thing… quizzes have always worked.

Think back to when magazines were the way people got their information. (I can barely remember it!)

Quizzes were in Life magazine and Cosmo for decades, but it wasn't something automated, that only happened with the creation of the internet.

lead generation quiz

If you think about it, those have always been a topic of conversation, even in The New York Times. And you ask yourself, even in the same token, "Well, do crossword puzzles still work? Do people even care about…?" So those are still a staple of something very traditional like The New York Times.

The very unique thing about the quiz... why it’s something that’s not just another tchotchke, or something that's just gonna fade out is because of the dynamics of how quizzes are created.

It's not a gift that's gonna wear out. It's an assessment. It's gonna help you at different times of your life assess where you're at. So a quiz that you could take in your 20's you could take in your 40's and get a completely different result.

They're not gonna die any time soon.

I don't really think they will die at all, because the answers are based on you.

You're gonna change, and it's still gonna be valuable. Whether you're doing a quiz that's around what cartoon character are you, or you're taking a quiz around cancer and it’s actually giving you an assessment around your risks based on your environment, and the food that you ingest.

These are all very important things. These are all very important questions that I feel drive to the core of our psychology, that are not just about an automated online marketing device that's just going to burn out.

So, do quizzes work? Yes.

Are they gonna die soon? I don't think so, but in the next question, do quiz leads convert? Now, that all depends.

lead generation conversion

It depends on what you do with those quiz leads.

A lot of our clients, they've used them, they've gotten great results, they've gotten leads at a very low rate, because these quizzes, if structured properly, and if you ask the right questions, is something that will create and generate leads at ... as low as 15¢ or 20¢ a lead, which is nuts, specifically in the health industry.

But there’s one caveat… if you don't structure your quiz properly, and you don't leverage what's at your fingertips properly, these quiz leads won't convert.

First off, quiz leads won't convert if you don't actually talk to them. Big surprise there, right? The next thing is that you need to have an ongoing strategy to speak to them about the exact things that they just got answers on.

Here’s what I mean.

Say for instance that we give you an assessment around your cancer risk. If your risk is high, and the number one thing that's bothering you the most is, say sleep, (and this is a very arbitrary example) we’re able to target that your #1 problem is lack of sleep.

And that you’re losing sleep because someone in your life is struggling with cancer, you need to have an email follow-up sequence that talks about getting sleep, or sleeping better even with family suffering with cancer.

lead generation worry

If you were the person taking that quiz, and you got this result, and then you had an email sequence that followed up with that... your conversions are through the roof.

BUT if you give them the answer on the quiz, and it's not well-educated, not well-researched, looks like you put it together in a day, and then on top of that you throw out an email that’s all over the place and NOT addressing their problems, not addressing their concerns, not speaking to any of the questions that they just answered, the things that they just talked about, you’ll most likely have a problem.

These quizzes we're creating ask very in-depth questions and it forces people to get in a pretty vulnerable state. But if you're not talking to any of those pieces, and you're not actually using any of that data to your advantage, then no, they won't convert. And it's not gonna be worth your time, and they're gonna back out, and you're gonna invest in a list that's not gonna make you any money.

I’ll say it again, a properly formatted quiz is the only kind that converts.

With that being said, I want you to understand that with a quiz.. make sure you serve them like you would serve your mom. No kidding…

Imagine if your mom is taking your quiz, what information would you give her after she took the quiz, found her #1 issue and was ready for the next step?

If you can honestly say that your email sequence serves your mom exceptionally well, then you're probably in a good realm.

Always remember you gotta serve your mom the best way you can, always give her the greatest advice, always give her the greatest information.

i heart mom

And when you're doing your list-building tactics, make sure you make it all “mom-worthy” so everybody will feel the love.

Learning more about you, learning more about your service, your why, your passion, your everything, and they will continue to follow you and continue to actually get information from you, and continue to buy from you.

Now, if you're interested in building a list, and you want to know the tactics and tricks that we use in order to generate a seven figure, million person list…

I have a cheat sheet and a full checklist just for you. The link is just below. You can grab it for free. We're giving that away, but this list is what we use when we actually go through and build a brand new lead tool, whether it be for our clients, or whether it be for our own agency, and our own in-house offers.

I hope it serves you well. Please subscribe to this video. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate you so much, and please take a look at some of our other videos and blog posts. We have links below and on the side. Thank you again, and take care.

Do I Need To Build A List?

lead generation followers

So, in this post we’re going to discuss whether list-building is required for your business, or should you build an email list?

Personally, it’s clearly a YES for me, (obviously I'm a little biased being that lead generation has been our bread and butter for many years).

The thing is, if you're only going for eCommerce, where you're only getting a sale, where you're only selling a single product, you're missing out on a lot of opportunity, because the relationship is not necessarily getting established with that person over time.

They are actually buying because that product is fulfilling a need, but they're not necessarily finding you to be a credible expert out of the gates.

Let me explain what that means.

List-building is, in my opinion, an art and science… and when done right, you can build really authentic relationships ... It's fascinating.

lead generation art vs science

I say “authentic relationships”, but it's like you're still automating a lot of this communication, so you're building relationships with your list, and people are looking to you as you being that credible expert.

You are the person they are going to for advice, and you are the person who is advising them to either go and look at this research piece, go and look at this video, go and actually read this article, and you are now the person who they are finding to be like, "Okay, whatever he is saying is worth listening to," because they believe in you.

That can't be done with just a straight sale.

Shopify and a lot of eCommerce-based companies, they do a fantastic job of converting the sale. That is something that is very, very important, but ongoing with a customer list…?

If you don't have a thread of communication, and you don't have a consistent flow of information, or whether it's messages, or Facebook communication, or Instagram, or whatever, in your email thread, if all you're doing is just giving them a receipt, and that's really where the communication ends, they only find you to be a supermarket at this point.

You're just a glorified Walmart.

Now, not to devalue your product or anything like that, but just take into consideration that if you walk up and down the aisle, do you really care as much about who Mr. Sears is or what The Bon Marché is really doing?

lead generation shopping carts

That's a really old name, but hey, guess what, that's what it is.

You need to come out of the gate by actually giving them something of value, okay? This could be like an assessment, some type of quiz that's assessing a problem or something they're going through, or if you actually give them an eBook, and then from there, you slowly but surely build that relationship and build their trust.

Now all of a sudden, you have a lifelong follower.

One of the things we love to do in our list-building techniques, is incorporate a Facebook group, and use that group as a means to increase retention.

Because the big thing is, if we're doing our job right and we're able to target the right people in the right way, now you're building a community.

Everybody is separate from one another when they're joining your list, but when they're invited to join a private Facebook group, now they get the opportunity to interact with one another.

And when they're interacting, THEN they have a reason to stick around. They have a reason to actually enjoy your services ongoing, but also talk about that, in their own private, small corner of the interweb, that is theirs, that is their comfort zone, their special environment.

So, to come back to the original question of, "Is list-building necessary? Should you build a list?"

My answer is… Absolutely.

I think you should because it builds not just the ability to convert a lead into a customer, but it creates a lifelong follower.

lead generation followers

What that will do is increase LTV, (the lifetime value of that customer). It will increase trust, and then also it'll help all of your email marketing and all of your email automation techniques and tactics, so that way, the people that are going to be on your list, you just make sure that you show them some love and they'll do the same in return.

And there you have it. I hope that was helpful!

One more thing…

I have a gift for you. I want to make sure you know that the list-building and everything we do is really important to us, and I think just you being here should be important to you as well.

So we have a checklist that I want to give you. It's our special seven-figure list-building checklist that we use whenever we build a new tool, whether it be for our clients or whether it be for our own in-house offers.

We have a series of steps we go through that will break down not just headlines, but types of pages, what types of offers, what types of things we give away, and all of those things they have to check off that list in order for us to go and click ‘Publish’.

That's what I want to give to you today. There's a link just below this post where you can go and access that free.

I hope that helps you, and I hope that helps you in your list-building techniques and tactics here moving forward.

Thank you again for just joining me here and taking time to read this post.

I would love to know what you're doing and what your experience has been like with list-building as well. I respond to all comments personally.

Take a minute to look around this site and watch other videos and read some of my other posts. They’re just as weird and stupid as this one 🙂